Deena was nervous when they went out that night. It wasn’t the…

Deena was nervous when they went out that night. It wasn’t the first time that she and her husband had included another guy in their sex lives. But the other times were spontaneous. That night, he told her, there were two guys. They knew about her, and they knew they were meeting to fuck her. She wasn’t really concerned about how she would react to them. They were young, black and horny. That’s all she needed to know. But she kept wondering how they would react to her. She wasn’t the girl she used to be. Those few pounds she kept promising herself to lose had turned into a few more. She no longer worked as hard at keeping up with hairstyles. She had become a “frumpy mom”. At least that’s what she told herself.

The drinks helped. The guys were friendly and attentive. Slowly but surely she began to relax, as you can see. By the time they got to this point in the evening, she was no longer thinking about what she looked like. Nor did she worry about what they thought of her. Their erections, and the places in her womb that they were reaching, answered that question for her. The next day she wanted to tell her best friend about her new way of boosting self-esteem, but she thought better of it.


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